The combination of a barely detailed Clone Wars unit and an even-less explained piece of anime leaves a lot of freedom of expression, but very little room for background information. Therefore, I can refer you to my most current, useful links and hope that more data appears in the future.



Star Wars Databank ARC entry (Official site)

Wizards of the Coast ARC trooper D20 stats

Unofficial Clone Wars site ARC entry

Star Wars Clone Wars site (Official site)

Unofficial Clone Wars site

Red Spectacles

Jin Roh - The Wolf Brigade

Dan42's Jin-Roh Lair



Star Wars: Republic, Issues 50-52

Star Wars: Insider, Issue 65, THE PENGALAN TRADEOFF



Clone Wars series - Cartoon Network (2003-2004)

Jin Roh - The Wolf Brigade (1998)

Stray Dog (1991)

The Red Spectacles (1987)


Additional Links

Dark Horse Comics - Star Wars

WotC Star Wars Roleplaying Game

Paizo Publishing (Star Wars Insider)

Del Rey Publishing


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