During the Clone Wars, specialized units known as ARCs (Advanced Recon Commandos) were utilized to provide special forces for the Republic. Given a slightly more open command structure, these units performed tasks and completed missions that their more controlled and lesser trained brethren could not. It was a gamble by Republic High Command that autonomy would create military advantage, putting highly skilled troops in places where conventional forces were either not available or not capable of creating a successful outcome.

The gamble worked then. As the Empire faces challenges across the galaxy, our resources are stretched to their operational limits as well. We too, require specialized teams to inflict maximum efficiency with minimal resources.


The differences between modern ARCs and those of the Clone Wars are many. Primarily, a galaxy-expanding Empire is too large to be composed only of clone troopers. The same goes for ARCs. It is a rare event when one sees an Imperial soldier with the visage of Jango Fett. Indeed, most of those are long in the tooth with cloning technology either destroyed or highly restricted across the known galaxy. Secondly, technology has improved and the gear available to our forces is expansive. Vast Empire ARCs are encouraged to carry whatever weapons load that suits their skill set as well as the mission.

Lastly, and more importantly, the use of ARCs has changed. With the New Republic on the rise and open combat between the Empire and them limited to the occasional campaign, our tactics must be more discreet. While the original ARCs would accompany regular forces onto a planet, or - at worst - be sent alone in a quick mission; there were always two certainties. One, they would be garbed and known as Republic forces. Two, they would always be assured of some form of backup.

The good and the bad for our new forces is this: ARCs will be discreet, using special, non-Imperial armor in the event that combat is imminent; however, missions will be conducted deep in enemy space with little hope of assistance.


Other sections will cover the basic equipment and armor used by our modern ARC teams. Personal arms selection is encouraged. As for armor, when necessary, we will outfit you with Kerberos personal armor kit, including the Red Spectacles which will likely be your signature psychological terror weapon (and yes, they do have an off setting). Additional gear will be added as missions require.


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