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The Vast Empire Stormtrooper Corps has a tradition of being outmanned and outequipped, yet still achieving mission objectives and winning the battlefield. For years, small units have been successfully working together to defeat superior forces in defense of the Empire.

Defense, however, is not enough. While there are limited strikes against New Republic and other enemy targets, the primary mission of Imperial forces today is to hold the line against further encroachment by the anarchy sold by the new leaders on Coruscant.

In response to this challenge, an old concept has been updated and brought forth to turn the tide of the Galactic Civil War.

Legends Reborn

During the Clone Wars, the Grand Army of the Republic successfully created and utilized teams of Advanced Recon Commandos (ARC). The units were elite special forces dedicated to performing the most difficult of tasks in the minimum of time.

The Stormtrooper Corps is revamping this idea, creating a team of six of the most active army members and utilizing their skills for the most difficult and dangerous of missions to proactively strike a blow against the enemies of the Empire.

Ideally, this team will consist of three veteran stormtroopers and three of the most energetic new members of the Corps. As time goes on, this may be merely a simple guideline; however, the goal of the ARC unit is to reward long service as well as allow newer members to participate to their fullest potential.

Why Now?

The dangers to the Empire are not diminishing. Neither is the feeling of hopelessness and apathy that threaten the will of our troops to keep fighting. To single out and allow our finest troopers to achieve quick, rapid victories is a morale booster like no other.

To maintain and increase our strength while striking a blow to our enemies is our tantamount goal. It is the hope of Army High Command that this will be the case with the ARC program.

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