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  Posted by Kadann on May 4, 2018
Happy Star Wars Day everyone!  May the 4th be with you.....always.

This marks the 20th Year that the Vast Empire has been around! 

While there hasn't been much activity lately, I would like to thank everyone for being a part of the VE over the past 20 years.  Some of you have even been around the entire time!

There have literally been thousands of Star Wars fans that have joined the ranks of the Vast Empire over the last 20 years.  You all made the Vast Empire what it is.

Thank you All!  And May the 4th be with you...

And now......dancing Storm Troopers....

Imperial Network Star Wars Image
Supreme Moff Kadann, Dark Lord
Head of the Vast Empire High Council
HHC/SM Kadann/HC-1/mSSD Atrus {EE}{MoH}{TT}{SY4}

  Posted by Jegora on March 24, 2013
I'll be resigning. Havock is your new Prefect. She is also hereby promoted to Brigadier General in order to serve in her new position. Next time you see Havock, offer her your congratulations! And she'll be buying the drinks from now on. Cheers!
Jegora Fal
Prefect of the Army
Dark Lord of the Sith

PRF | BGN Jegora | Fort Sexton | Tadath | STC | VEA | VE
[PoC] [CRoM] [RCoD] [IH] [CoR] [EW1] {MRT} {BC} {CoZ} (QW-O8) (CCA) (DCE) (BoT) (ESC09) (AS-5) (3.1) (6.1)

DLoS | SN Jegora | Eagle | Sith | VEDJ | VE  [KC:1]

  Posted by Kadann on December 4, 2011
We have some new stocks setup in Imperitrade Financial.  There are quite a few to checkout, so here is the list of them all along with what they do.

MCBND - Imperial Marine Corps Bond stock
VEX - Double Long ETF on VEBND
STCX - Double Long ETF on STORMB
NAVX - Double Long ETF on NAVALB
DJOX - Double Long ETF on DJBND
ECX - Double Long ETF on ECBND
MMAX - Triple Long ETF on MMA
VPAX - Triple Long ETF on VPA
ICSX - Double Long ETF on ICS and IVE

The double and triple long stocks will move 2 and 3 times faster than the stocks that they are based on.  They'll go up 2-3 times faster, but they will also go down 2-3 times faster.  So be careful with your investments.

Supreme Moff Kadann, Dark Lord
Head of the Vast Empire High Council
HHC/SM Kadann/HC-1/mSSD Atrus {EE}{MoH}{TT}{SY4}

  Posted by Rizzit on October 15, 2011
So as most of you know, my presence has died down A LOT over the past year and it's time to fix that. The Army NEEDS an active Prefect here, and that requires more than I have been or will be able to give to all of you. Today, effective immediately: I'm retiring my position as Prefect of the Army and passing the torch to Brigadier General Jegora. No, that is not a typo! Congratulations Jegora!

Now, before my motives get questioned; no, this was not a rash decision. I did not decide to leave on a whim...I do not want to leave this place....nothing has made me happier than to be with you all since July of 2001 when I joined during my first ESC! (R.I.P. Cosmic's Mouse) The army needs to change, and it has begun to in the most marvelous way thanks to not only the new leadership appointed lately, but down to the member levels as well. The army CANNOT fully change though as long as I am your Prefect and you deserve much better than an idle Prefect. So I've thought for months before making this decision and right now, the time has come for my resignation.

Before I sign off though - I do have some long overdue rewards for some of you.

Captain Havock, you are the backbone of the Army lately. Everyone here is loyal to YOU without question. You are here day in and day out trying to make sure everyone here is doing the best they can do, for this I give you my thanks and promote you to Major.

Lieutenant Colonel Raziel - I've known you since I joined. You and I have served a lot of time together, and even still you're giving everything you're all. Most recent of your accomplishments apart from helping Havock and Jegora run the place is that you have really seen to it that our stories are taken to a new level. You are hereby promoted to Colonel old friend.

`2nd Lieutenant Luckystar - since I've known you you always had a desire to help people out best you can. That's one of the reasons I'm glad that you accepted the role of Commander of Training. A lot of recruits were helped on a PERSONAL level thanks to your guidance. You are promoted to `1st Lieutenant. Keep up the good work with the academy!

Furthermore, Jegora, Havock and Luckystar are to recieve the Pride of Courscant.

Pride of Coruscant [PoC] Conferred to Imperial officers who the Vast Empire Army is very proud of, and deems them the best officers in service. It is the second highest medal in the Vast Empire Army, and may only be bestowed by either the Prefect of the Army or the Head of High Council.

Raziel, you shall recieve the Steel Cross of Palpatine!

Steel Cross of Palpatine [SCP]
The highest medal to be awarded an Army member. It is awarded only if the recipient has shown courage under fire, displayed the proper manners befitting an Imperial officer, surpassed the expectations of normal activity, and have changed the Army in a positive way because of his/her actions. This medal may only be awarded by the The Prefect of the Army or by the Head of High Council.

I am sure there are a bunch more rewards that I could give out, but none that I am in my right to give out! There are Platoon Commanders and Company Commanders for a reason. THEY are the ones that are in full right to reward you your shinies. I want to thank everyone in the Army for making this Imperial's stay here a blast. We've had our good times, our bad times, our laughs, our rampages, but in the end - EVERYTHING must come to an end. It has truly been my honor to serve all of you in the various positions that I have held here, but my time it at an end. To be clear - I am retiring from the Army but NOT the Vast Empire. I will be around to help out in any way I can whoever I can. Just ask - I'll be more than happy to lend a hand! I'll see you all around, but for now! 'dis be da big boss man Rizzal Shizzle signin' offizzle! (You knew I was gonna get that in somewhere Raz)
Imperial Network Star Wars Image
Imperial Network Star Wars Image
High General Rizzit Blackheart
Prefect of the Army
"Everything expressed truly from your heart and soul is as pure as gold in the minds of anyone who listens" --Rizzit

  Posted by Rizzit on September 25, 2011
The time has come, in preparation of our upcoming Halloween Competition a new squad will need to be opened to give all of our troopers a place to be. So without further ado, I give you the return of.................................


The new Squad Leader for this group will be Sniping101 (aka Snipes, aka the King) and his lovely Assistant Squad Leader is Brightstar

The attachment troopers joining Jester are as follows:

Private First Class Hector_Vandaval

Private Second Class THX1138

Private Psycho ----> Private Second Class Psycho

Private Alan ----> Private Second Class Alan

Congratulations! Go over to the now unlocked squad topic and show them some love. :)


  Posted by Kadann on August 21, 2011
With the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic quickly approaching, I have created a new ComNet for any discussions about the game.

If you haven't already done so, you can pre-order your game so you can have it when it comes out.

It sounds like they'll be releasing the game during the holidays in 2011.

I will definitely be playing this game.  If you are planning on playing this game, make sure to post up a reply to this topic so we know how many there are.
Supreme Moff Kadann, Dark Lord
Head of the Vast Empire High Council
HHC/SM Kadann/HC-1/mSSD Atrus {EE}{MoH}{TT}{SY4}

  Posted by Rizzit on June 22, 2011
The decision is in: I have a selected a new XO. I had a fair number of applicants, and that's always the hardest part which is deciding who is NOT going to get it and why. It took more time than I actually planned on it taking, but I'm confident that the most logical choice was made and I believe it will serve you all the best. The person I picked has been involved in things their whole career and while they were not always on active duty, they were ALWAYS trying to help out the army. This person has an excellent attitude and is ALWAYS around trying to do things (not to mention that they know their place and give credit where it is due). You're probably all wondering who I am speaking of....well, wonder no longer: as of tonight, Jegora is my new official executive officer of the army. Congratulate him when you see him!
Imperial Network Star Wars Image
Imperial Network Star Wars Image
High General Rizzit Blackheart
Prefect of the Army
"Everything expressed truly from your heart and soul is as pure as gold in the minds of anyone who listens" --Rizzit

  Posted by Kadann on June 8, 2011
Due to popular demand, I have added the ability to 'reply all' to the private messages.

You will see this option on your private messages in the message center when there is more than 1 other member involved with the message.

Supreme Moff Kadann, Dark Lord
Head of the Vast Empire High Council
HHC/SM Kadann/HC-1/mSSD Atrus {EE}{MoH}{TT}{SY4}

  Posted by Kadann on February 22, 2011
You are now able to show that you like your fellow member's posts!

With the move to the new server, I was finally able to update the database to support this new feature.

You will see the new 'Like' and 'Dislike' buttons next to each message in the ComNet.

When you 'Like' a message, the message will receive 1 point.  If you 'Dislike' the message, there are no points awarded to the message, but the total number of ratings goes up by one.

Supreme Moff Kadann, Dark Lord
Head of the Vast Empire High Council
HHC/SM Kadann/HC-1/mSSD Atrus {EE}{MoH}{TT}{SY4}

  Posted by Kadann on February 22, 2011
The server migration has now been completed!  All the sites should be live on the new server.

If you see any issues with the sites, post up a reply to this topic so I can get them fixed.

The old server had served us well for the 5 years we used it.  I am hoping this new solution will serve us even longer!

Enjoy the new server! 
Supreme Moff Kadann, Dark Lord
Head of the Vast Empire High Council
HHC/SM Kadann/HC-1/mSSD Atrus {EE}{MoH}{TT}{SY4}

  Posted by Kadann on February 13, 2011
These are long overdue.

Field Marshal Fury, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Moff.  Congratulations and thank you for all you do!  We definitely wouldn't have a lot of the fun things we have without you.

Grand General Talon, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Field Marshal.  Congratulations!  You have been a valuable member of the Vast Empire for quite a number of years and continue to be.

General Rizzit, you are hereby promoted to the rank of High General.  You have proven to be a great asset to the Stormtrooper Corps and I believe you will continue to be.

Rear Admiral Stormz, I hereby award you the Imperial Grand Cross for your bravery in uncertain times in the Imperial Navy.  Congratulations and keep up the great work!

Make sure to congratulate them when you see them next!
Supreme Moff Kadann, Dark Lord
Head of the Vast Empire High Council
HHC/SM Kadann/HC-1/mSSD Atrus {EE}{MoH}{TT}{SY4}

  Posted by Kadann on January 9, 2011
Attention all Imperitrade investors.  If you have at least 10,000,000 ICs to invest in some new stocks that will be coming out soon, please read the rest of this message.

The funds that you invest will be used as seed money to get the stock started so that it will be able to become publicly available to the rest of the members.  Once publicly available, anyone will be able to trade the stock.

10,000,000 ICs is the minimum investment.  No exceptions.  You may, however, invest more if you would like.

Once I know who is interested in investing in some new Imperitrade stocks, I will invite those individuals to a private forum where we will discuss the different stocks and your options.

In order to prove your interest, please send a wire transfer to Imperitrade in the amount of 10,000,000 ICs.  Send me a message via ComNet that you have sent your wire transfer.  I will then add you to the new private ComNet.

For those that do not have 10,000,000 ICs to invest, sit tight.  You will have the same opportunity to purchase the stocks at the prices defined once the stocks go public.  Imperitrade wants to be sure there will be enough capital to fund the new stocks.
Supreme Moff Kadann, Dark Lord
Head of the Vast Empire High Council
HHC/SM Kadann/HC-1/mSSD Atrus {EE}{MoH}{TT}{SY4}

  Posted by Kadann on January 5, 2011
The new VE mail services is now enabled for the domain.

Please go to the following address if you already have a STC email:

If you need your username and password, message Rizzit and he will help you.  Also, if you want to use pop3 or imap (recommend using imap), then you can set this up in your account settings.

If you need to get your old email from the old server, this is the address for pop3 or imap:

You can even your old email into your new email account.  Just follow the instructions in the settings for your account.  If you want to do this, make sure to get this done by the end of January as the old server will no longer be available after that.
Supreme Moff Kadann, Dark Lord
Head of the Vast Empire High Council
HHC/SM Kadann/HC-1/mSSD Atrus {EE}{MoH}{TT}{SY4}

  Posted by Kadann on January 1, 2011
Happy New Year Everyone!

I wish you all a great new year and that all your goals and aspirations come true in 2011!

If you had some goals in 2010 that didn't come true, ask yourself why.  Did you do enough to make them come true?  Did you dedicate yourself to your goals to see them through?

Make 2011 the best year yet.  Each year of your life should be better than the last.  This is why we are to live, right?

Don't take second best when you know you can do better.  Do your best at all things so that you will always be proud of your actions.

There are some great things coming to the VE in 2011.  Keep an eye out as I'll be revealing them in the months to come.
Supreme Moff Kadann, Dark Lord
Head of the Vast Empire High Council
HHC/SM Kadann/HC-1/mSSD Atrus {EE}{MoH}{TT}{SY4}

  Posted by Kadann on December 29, 2010
A special holiday bonus has been sent out today!  Make sure you head over to your favorite Imperial Center Store to stock up on Imperial Urinal Cakes for 2011!

Happy Holidays to you all.  Hope you're all having a great end of the year going into 2011!
Supreme Moff Kadann, Dark Lord
Head of the Vast Empire High Council
HHC/SM Kadann/HC-1/mSSD Atrus {EE}{MoH}{TT}{SY4}

  Posted by Kadann on December 16, 2010
We've had a few problems with the mail server we were using.  I have now updated it to use a different one, so email is now flowing freely once again. 

I have had to hold off on updating the current web server because of plan changes.  The server we were going to move to will be taken down soon.  However, there will be a different server environment that we'll be running in once it's all setup.

The setup for this new server solution could take up to a month.  So once it's ready, I'll be moving the sites over.  More updates on this when it's ready.

During this period of transition, I am going to be moving all our email handling to a separate solution.  This will help keep the emails independent of our web server to make it easier if we ever have to move servers again.  This will also allow easier access to email online without needing a mail client.

So if you currently have a VE email account or a division email account.  You can expect some changes to how you have to access your email.  If you suddenly find that you can't login to your email, then you'll need to message me for your new password.
Supreme Moff Kadann, Dark Lord
Head of the Vast Empire High Council
HHC/SM Kadann/HC-1/mSSD Atrus {EE}{MoH}{TT}{SY4}

  Posted by Rizzit on September 5, 2010
Prefect's Report 9.5.10

Fall is Here

Greetings to those of us still around. As we all know - school has resumed this week or will be resuming fairly shortly (depending on your location). For some of our members that means leaving this place to focus more on your studies - which is sad because we miss our members, but real life must always come first. At any rate - good luck to those pursuing their educational goals. To those of us who have stayed: stay tuned for some exciting new activities.

Stormtrooper Corps Academy

For those of you who do not know, our Commander of Training Kanderin Draken is resigning as his role of managing the academy to return to life as a trooper in hopes to free up more time for his demanding university schedule. As I understand, Blackjack is VERY excited to have him in their squad. His replacement will be none other than Corporal Bacardi. Congratulations to him.

While I am sure Bacardi will have his changes to the Academy in the coming weeks, for now he is just settling in; also, due to his low rank yet being on the AHC - he needs to be given the Officer's Exam and bumped up to Second due time. He will be on probation for 30 days, at the end of said period he will be given the Officer's Exam and upon passing that he will be promoted. In the meantime I've heard bits and pieces of exciting ideas for the Academy that will be proposed in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the current system will remain in place.

Bacardi has also opted to use the Position of Commander of Training Assistant - much as a Squad Leader opts to choose an Assistant Squad Leader. Bacardi has chosen to make Gunnery Sergeant Brightstar his Assistant - who will quite literally be his second in command for the academy. Good Luck and congratulations to them both!

Wildcard Platoon Story

I am sure most of you are aware by now that Chapter 9 will be upon us at some point. Sergeant Major Havock and myself sat down and had a chat about this. Chapter stories are VERY important here in the Vast Empire as they contain major events in our history and are really what advance our time line. They also are typically one thread. Most of our squads are either not used to posting on one thread or don't like to because they had a bad experience from a particular story they did. We decided that they need to have some warm up time to get used to writing in one thread topics with other squads - the entire Army in fact. Therefore, we will be having a couple of these stories between now and then to help prepare for when Field Marshall Fury does roll out with Chapter 9: so all his hard work is well spent. The Story IS up now. It's called Give and Take[Wildcard Platoon]. Currently, only the Squad Leaders may post. Soon it will open to the public and I am sure it will be a lot of fun. Even us Commanders are looking forward to joining in on the fun.

On the matter of platoon news - we have some long-overdue news regarding Sergeant Major Havock. She has been given the Officer's Exam (and passed with flying colors by the way) this weekend. I am happy to announce that we included an extra promotion in addition to the usual one received upon successful completion of the exam. Havock has been promoted to First Lieutenant - a rank that will surely compliment her new found role as Platoon Commander. Congratulations to her on several jobs well done that sometimes go un-rewarded yet she does them anyways with such enthusiasm.

Imperial Omega Campaign 2.0

For those who don't know, the second ever Imperial Omega Campaign will be launching on September 26, 2010 - an entire decade to the day from the original one back in 2000. Also, Captain Riqimo has been toiling night and day trying to arrange the perfect competition. He needs input though. The teams need to be worked out THIS WEEK and will be announced at next week's meeting. There are (as of meeting time today) a total of 19 people who still have not registered as participating. IF YOU PLAN TO PARTICIPATE YOU MUST REGISTER SO YOU CAN BE ASSIGNED A TEAM The registration form can be found here so be sure and sign up ASAP!


Congratulations to those who have been promoted or have new jobs. I am sure you'll do us proud. I look forward to reading the new Wildcard Story and how that will pan out on the trooper end. Then when that is done we get to look forward to IOC2.0 - it's gonna be a fun fall. Have a good week everyone!
Imperial Network Star Wars Image
Imperial Network Star Wars Image
General Rizzit Blackheart
Prefect of the Army
"Everything expressed truly from your heart and soul is as pure as gold in the minds of anyone who listens" --Rizzit

  Posted by Kadann on August 21, 2010
I want to personally thank those that have made some recent large donations to the Vast Empire.

There have been 2 individuals in the past 2 months that have donated a substantial amount.

Imperial Benefactor Quillia donated $900 on June 30, 2010 and is now up to $1,000 in total donations.

Imperial Templar Rocketman1167 has made quite a few donations over the past month that now total $700.

Thank you to both of you for your large contributions.  Your donations are much appreciated.

I want everyone to take notice of the donations page.  There are quite a few people on there that have donated over the past few years.  Make sure to thank them for their donations.

Thank you to all those that have donated.  Your donations will help keep the Vast Empire alive for many years to come.
Supreme Moff Kadann, Dark Lord
Head of the Vast Empire High Council
HHC/SM Kadann/HC-1/mSSD Atrus {EE}{MoH}{TT}{SY4}

  Posted by Kadann on August 17, 2010
More server issues.  This server has about had it....haha.

We'll be moving to the new server soon.  More details to come on when this will happen.

In the meantime, I've made a few changes that will hopefully keep the server from crashing.
Supreme Moff Kadann, Dark Lord
Head of the Vast Empire High Council
HHC/SM Kadann/HC-1/mSSD Atrus {EE}{MoH}{TT}{SY4}

  Posted by Angel on August 11, 2010
As I promised two weeks ago in the meeting, applications are now open for the Dark Jedi Order.

There will be TWO slots available, but that does not mean both will be filled at this time. Application does not equate acceptance, nor does being the most qualified of the applicants mean you are guaranteed a spot. If no one qualified applies, no one will be accepted. This is at the sole discretion of the Dark Council to determine.

Rules for Application:
  • Active for 4-6 consecutive months with consistent participation levels.
  • Writing Sample:
    • Representative of your best writing.
    • Can be a link to a squad(ron) story, personal story, or independent work.
    • Must have at least one page of content
  • Letters of Recommendation:
    • One from a direct superior in the chain of command at the level of Squad(ron) leader or above.
    • One from another superior, or a member of the Dark Jedi Order NOT serving on the Dark Council (see below).
    • Letters are to be sent directly to the Dark Council. Applicant is NOT to have access to or know the content of these.
  • Application must be submitted to the Dark Council via Comnet PM.:
    • Talon
    • Kadann
    • Angel
    • Japheth

Please include with your application the names of those who are submitting your Letters of Recommendation.

Applications will close August 28th at Midnight (Server Time). Those accepted into the Order will be announced at the meeting on August 29th.

Good luck to everyone!
Major Angel - Retired
Imperial Network Star Wars Image
Dark Jedi Protector Angel - Headmaster
HM/DJG Phoenix/DC-03/Lopen/Dark Jedi Order/Vast Empire[VP:1]

Imperial Network Star Wars Image
Privateer Captain Angel - mCRV Divinity
Imperial Network Star Wars Image

  Posted by Kadann on July 24, 2010
As many of you have noticed, the server was down pretty much all day today.  This was due to the fact that one of our database tables became corrupted.  Not to worry though, no data was lost.

It took most of the day, but I was able to recover the database table. We run daily backups, so if anything was to happen, we would be able to recover with minimal data loss.

That brings me to my next order of business.  Next month, we will be moving to a new server.  The one we are currently on has served us well for a good 5+ years now.  The new server is ridiculously fast and will work great for another 5-10 years!

More information to come as to the dates of the server move in mid August.

Those of you with email accounts, I will get the same accounts setup on the new server, but will not transfer old emails.  So if you want your old emails, make sure to download them before we shut down the old server.
Supreme Moff Kadann, Dark Lord
Head of the Vast Empire High Council
HHC/SM Kadann/HC-1/mSSD Atrus {EE}{MoH}{TT}{SY4}



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