The original impetus for an ARC program was by a Stormtrooper named Mandor who had hoped for a place where the most active and skilled of Stormtrooper Corps members could be assigned for the toughest of missions. The Army Main Comnet thread is available here if you have access to it.

The longevity of the program will depend on the success of its members. As with anything, participants have to be willing to put the time and effort in. Though the Stormtrooper Corps as a whole has its ups-and-downs in relation to this, the ARC program should be the guiding example that regular squads should look to emulate.

Now for the technical details.


Image Credits

ARC trooper images and history have come from the following sources:

Star Wars Official Site

Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Roleplaying Game

Dark Horse Comics

Red Spectacles images have come from:

Dan42's Jin-Roh Lair


Site Credits

The site itself is a Macromedia Dreamweaver template I found at The specfic template is Tomorrow Free. As you can see, I made very, very few modifications to the design. I even poked around my fonts CDs and discovered (thankfully) that I already had Microgramma D Bold and Medium Extended fonts used in the page and section heading images. Macromedia Fireworks was used to edit these and Jasc PaintShop Pro for image and heading edit work.

The question remains: why use a template at all? Two reasons. One, this is an untested project and its potential success is unknown. Two, while new ground it may be, I wanted a professional look that would encourage participation.


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