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Selection Criteria

ARC team members are selected by the Prefect, Executive Officer, Commander of Training, and Platoon Leaders. Two main criteria are used. The first guide is the selection of three veteran members and three highly active new members. This allows a mix of experience and eagerness which is essential in completing missions with technical and tactical accuracy in a short time span. Another guiding ideal is to draw from every squad a valuable member of either the ARC team or alternate list.

To be selected, a trooper must be very active in their squad and capable of teamwork and following orders while being a soldier others can follow. This is a careful balance that only the best of the best achieve. The ARC program is a means of rewarding those behaviors.


The following, by rank, are the troopers designated ARC Team Beta. They are the second ARC team assembled by the Vast Empire and will serve in this capacity as long as they are capable until the next meeting of Army High Command to recommend whether a new ARC team needs restructuring.

ARC Team Beta
Service: January 2005 - ?

2LT Raziel - Years of dutiful service have taken this former NCO and squad leader far. He now serves as the WildCard Platoon Adjutant and is an incremental part of the Stormtrooper Corps revitalization program. Serving at the height of the Imperial Omega Campaign through the recent lulls in activity, he is always willing and able to lead by example.

SGM Ramon Stonefish - An excellent member of the Corps, Fish came to us from the former Intruder Wing unit Fallen Angels. After various stints in the Vast Empire, including leadership roles in the Dread Knights squad, he has returned and is full of the same consistent energy, participation, ethics, and know-how that it takes to make a great soldier the army can rely on.

SGT kaMi - A fast riser in the ranks, kaMi started out in the Dark Dragoons, quickly gaining notice for her descriptive writing and attention to detail. She now serves as Iron Horse assistant squad leader.

CPL Anubis - While the Wraiths have fallen on lean times, Anubis has taken this as an advantage and has adamantly forced stories through, developing his character along the way. The ARC team gives him an opportunity to test his skills on a bigger stage, with presumably the same quality results.

CPL Zafo - This member of the Dark Dragoons comes highly recommended as one of our most promising troopers. With the quality of squadmates he has in the DD, it is small wonder that he belongs here due to his excellent performance amongst those soldiers.

LCP Squall - Bursting onto the storynet is Squall, who made a quick name for himself during the Bestine IV campaign. Though new to the Corps, his energy alone was his ticket into an ARC slot.

* SSG Hashi Shiyun - An honorary member for ARC Team Beta, Hashi withdrew his selection and entered retirement to address real life issues. It is sincerely hoped he returns as soon as he is able.

Former ARC Squads

ARC Team Alpha
Service: January - December 2004

SGM Raziel - Currently a member of Wraith squad, Raziel has a mysterious past in intelligence circles and has at one time been a highly effective squad leader before stepping down to address personal issues. An innovative and unorthodox trooper dedicated to completing a mission.

GSG Afyon - Formerly a member of the Wraith and Dread Knights squads, Afyon is the shining star and Assistant Squad Leader of the Dark Dragoons, assisting - and excelling - in leadership roles as situations demand. Always mindful of motivating his squadmates and demanding a high state of participation, key ingredients as to his placement as an ARC.

SGT Firefrog - Quietly moving through the ranks as silently as he dispatches adversaries is Firefrog, a trained and lethal component of the advanced Jester scout squad. As quick with his wit as he is with his blades, he is a steady counter-balance to a more emotional team member.

SGT Hashi Shiyun - A highly decorated and quickly promoted young member to the ranks, Hashi has been a valuable asset to Jester squad, revitalizing a team in need of energy and willing participation. With this trooper, they got both in spades.

CPL Rema - In addition to being a member of the Dark Dragoons, Rema has actively campaigned and recruited for the Stormtrooper Corps. In doing so, he has attempted to expand our ranks and motivate others to higher levels of personal contribution. His dedication to the Empire is matched only by his hatred of the New Republic, motivations the ARC program can use.

LCP Mandor - A recent addition to the Corps, Mandor quickly moved through Drill squad to placement with the Wraiths after his performance in the Alzoc III campaign. He was also the inspiration for the ARC program and was chosen not as the mastermind of the concept, but for the activity he has shown thus far.

Note: If there are errors or inconsistencies in these quick bios, please pass along any needed corrections/additions to Army High Command.

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