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Mission 1 - Renegade

The ARC team was assembled and dispatched to the Imperial Remnant border world of Garqi. There, a traitor to the Corps known as ZiShin (amongst other names) was about to turn over sensitive data and materiel to the New Republic. The team landed at a skyport and used gliders to enter the city's main conservatory where the target was visiting the gardens...and a secret NR intelligence safehouse.

Capture was simple, extraction hindered by a quick response from the New Republic. This was dealt with by the superior firepower and training of the ARC team. Upon return to Vast Empire space, the target was interrogated and then propped up for execution by ARC firing squad.

Mission 2 - Jailbreak

ARCs were dispatched in secret to the planet Kiffu. There, they were tasked with the assassination of the traitorous Imperial Governor Torlock, arrested and then sent to the planet Kiffex.

Once on this prison world, they were to link up with various elements and initiate a breakout of various Imperial prisoners on the planet. This would enable the Vast Empire to expand its ties to other Imperial factions as well as increase its command staff knowledge base.

Unfortunately, the mission had to be scrubbed when a cadre of the prisoners they were looking to release planned an escape of their own. The timing could not be worse for the team; who, with increased security around the main facilities, were unable to carry out their assignment.


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